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We're delighted to be back on the road again. Thank you to those who joined us at one of our September venues. We still have eight events coming up in November, which are still open for registration, and look forward to seeing more of you then for an interactive and in-depth seminar, accredited for 2.5 hours of structured CPD.

The topics our two speakers will be exploring are:

Using trusts for estate and inheritance tax planning

In this very practical and interactive workshop, Paul Lucas will provide a thorough summary of the different types of trusts that can be used for estate and IHT planning. He’ll review the tax treatment of each of the main trust types and consider the pros and cons for various client scenarios. You will learn from realistic case studies that demonstrate the practical application of trusts for IHT mitigation.

Why attend?

  • Understand the tax treatment of different trust planning options
  • Hear the benefits and drawbacks of different trust types
  • Learn practical applications of trust-based planning to use to mitigate your clients’ inheritance tax liability
FCA Consumer Duty – what is that all about?

The implementation of the new Consumer Duty regulation will be felt to some degree by all financial advice firms across the UK. Graham Finlay will discuss all the key aspects, impacts and opportunities of the new Consumer Duty. One of the fundamental impacts he will explore in detail is around assessing the concept of ‘value’ in relation to both your firm and your client.

Why attend?

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of the new Consumer Duty regulation
  • Learn what you should consider as key in assessing 'Value' in relation to Consumer Duty
  • Identify a strategy to enhance your client communications

Delegate testimonials from previous events

"As always, an excellent session with very detailed explanations on both trusts and the new Consumer Duty legislation"

"Was great to be at a live event. Fount it all interesting and useful. Thanks again for the invite."

"Both parts of the session were informative, well delivered and thoroughly worthwhile. Two accomplished presenters covering some very pertinent topics."

"Both speakers both very good and made the morning a joy to attend."

"Excellent first event back after Covid - the tax presentation was a very good reminder on tax planning."

"Excellent event, very good presentations from both presenters. Good group size; not too many people which gave time for questions."

"Very good technical content and learnt many things that I was unaware of."

"I was actually surprised that there wasn't much of a sales pitch. The info was great, the presentations were helpful, it would have been fine to big yourselves up more."

"I enjoyed listening to both presenters; the content was relevant and the seminar was a good blend of technical and topical training."

"The IHT presentation is one of the best that I have been privileged to attend after 40 years in the industry."

"Both sessions were delivered in a very clear and understandable manner with both presenters explaining the topics with a 'real world' slant (different from most other provider sessions). The event was professionally and excellently facilitated, and I am certain word will spread amongst the industry that the Adviser Edge events are well worth attending."


Paul Lucas

Strategic & Technical Sales Director

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Graham Finlay

Strategic & Technical Sales Director

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